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DSHX-3A Inclinometer

DSHX-3A Inclinometer
Model: DSHX-3A
Product Description:
1.The instrument is specially designed and made to determine dip angle and azimuth angle of borehole in the non-magnetic area.
2.The instrument is suitable for determining dip angle and azimuth angle of borehole, which should be more than 65 mm in diameter, non-magnetic and without casing tube. Then it can determine inclination and inclination direction of borehole.
3.The instrument has been widely used for inclination measurement in the field of engineering, hydrology, oil field, coal field, and geology.
Technique parameter:

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 90 V;

2. Dip angle measurement:

(1) Measurement range: 0°~50°;

(2) Scale division: 30′;

(3) Measurement error: ±30′;

3. Azimuth angle measurement:

(1) Measurement range: 4°~356°;

(2) Scale division: 5°;

(3) Measurement error: not more than ±4°;

4. Pressure endured by inclinometer probe: 50 MPa;

5. Maximum temperature for inclinometer probe: 100 ℃; Maximum temperature for controlling case 

    on the ground: -20℃~+50℃;

6. Inclinometer probe:

(1) Diameter: 54 mm;

(2) Length: 145 cm (not including extending tube);

(3) Weight: 20 kg;

7. The instrument makes determination using point measurement methods. You can read out dip angle 

and azimuth angle directly on the controlling case. 

And can make determination at multi-points in the borehole.

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