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DSHX-3 Three Component Borehole Magnetometer

DSHX-3 Three Component Borehole Magnetometer
Model: DSHX-3
Product Description:
Applications and Feature:  
Used for magnetic exploration. Suitable for using in drilling with diameter greater than φ46mm for measurement of horizontal component X, Y and vertical component Z in magnetic field.And also be used as high-precision inclinometer with non-magnetic hole or far away from magnetic well. Its function is.
Determination of ore body position, extension, range and thickness of exposed ores.
Verify ground magnetic abnormality, and determine the nature of abnormality.
Combined with ground magnetic survey for three-dimensional interpretation.
High-precision measurement of deviation azimuth and inclination.
Searching of magnetic ore associated ore deposits.
Instruct the drilling arrangement, and guide the drilling.
Determine the depth and direction of blind ore.
Determination of the occurrence of ore bodies.
Technique parameter:

Measuring Range: -99999nT~+99999nT

Difference of readings at the opposite orientation for X, Y magneto sensors ≤400nT

Difference of readings at the opposite orientation for Z magneto sensor ≤ 300nT

Inclination Measuring Range: 0~45°, Error: smaller than 0.2°Azimuth Measuring Range: 0~360°, Error: smaller than 2° (inclination ≥3°)

Linearity ≤2‰

Digital Output, Update Rate ≥ 3 times / sec

Probe Outline Dimension: φ40×1400mm

Measured Well Depth ≤ 2000m

Probe Pressure-Proof ≤ 150kg/cm2

Dedicated Cable: 4-core Armed Cable

Instrument Working Power Supply: DC12V/200mA

Working Environment: Temperature: 0~70°; Humidity: 90% (40℃)

Master Instrument Outline Dimension: 305×200×228 mm

Weight: 4kg:

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