Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
We have all kinds of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, and complete accessories such as graphite furnace, atomizer,hydrogen generator, could meet most of requiremnets regarding elements analyze in different fields.
What’s more, we produce all of Spectrometer, such as EDX, WDX, ICP, OES, ASF, GC, LC, CS, covering all of elements analysis required in all of industry field.
Not only offer marine equipment,but also provide after sales service.
Dshing Instrument Co.,Ltd,maily manufacture more than 200 kinds of petroleum product tester and all kinds of spectrometer, such as Flash Point Tester, Viscometer,Distillation Tester,Sulfur Content Tester,Asphalt Penetrometer, Bitumen Softening Point Tester, Visible spectrophotometer, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer, and atomic absorption spectrometer(AAS),etc.
Meanwhile we supply laboratory analysis instruments, such as Balance, Automatic Potential Titrator,Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter,X-ray fluorescence(XRF) Analyzer,etc.

What we offer are not only the products, but also the Complete Solution.
Oil Experiment Solution
We could offer complete solution for petroleum testing laboratory.We manufacture all of the Petroleum Devices such as Kinematic Viscosity, Distillation Tester, Carbon Residue Tester......
Asphalt Experiment Solutions
We produce all instruments using for bitumen testing in Hight Way construction, such as Asphalt Softening Point Tester, Wax Content Tester, Marshall Stability Tester, Asphalt Content Tester......
Handheld XRF Analyzer Series
Such as Handheld Alloy Metal XRF Analyzer, Handheld Mineral XRF Analyzer, Handheld ROSH XRF Analyzer, Handheld Soil Heavy Metal XRF Analyzer, Handheld Precious Metal XRF......
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