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DSH -1S Solidifying Point Constant Temperature Water Bath


Product Description

Product standard: The instrument is designed accord the requirements for constant temperature water bath stipulated in the National Standard GB/T510 "Test Methods for Solidifying Point of Petroleum Products". It is Suitable for use in sample treatment in the range of room temperature to 60 ℃.

Technical Data Sheet


 Technical characteristics:

 1. Table structure, newly designed, and it is convenient to be operated.

 2. It adopts a digital temperature controller, so it is convenient to set temperature with high temperature controlling accuracy.

 3. You can put 7 pieces of solidifying point test tubes and 2 pieces of cold filter plugging point test tubes in the bath, so it can keep temperature of 9 pieces of samples constant at a time.

 4. It uses a two layers cylinder, and electric stirrer, so it can keep temperature stable at controlling temperature.


 Technical parameters:

 1. Constant temperature bath:

 (1) Cubage: 20 L;

 (2) Types: two layers cylinder;

 2. Working environment:

 (1) Ambient temperature: -10℃~35℃;

 (2) Relative humidity: <85%;

 3. Stirring motor:

 (1) Power: 6 W;

 (2) Speed: 1200 RPM;

 4. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.1℃;

 5. Heating power: two grades, 1000W and 650 W;

 6. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%;

 7. Total power consumption: not more than 1800 W;

 8. Measurement range: room temperature ~100℃;

 9. Temperature sensor: Industrial platinum; scale number is Pt100;


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