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DSH-L2/L2S Visible Spectrophotometer


Technical Data Sheet


 DSH-L2/L2S series visible spectrophotometer can meet the daily demand analysis to the scientific research and a wide range of application.

  Instrument adopts the advanced reasonable circuit design, low noise, the optical route system has good reliability and stability.


 II.Main features

 1. Adopts advanced optical, mechanical, electrical design, with superior performance.

 2. 7-inch color touch LCD display, flexible operation.

 3. The proportional double-beam optical path monitoring structure, high performance, low stray light "shining holographic grating",

 high-resolution monochromator with superior accuracy, reproducibility and stability.

 4. With a unique automatic adjustment "0" adjustment "100", eight sample cell linkage.

 5. Full band scan, subband scanning, kinetics time scanning, as well as GOTOλ, linear regression, direct reading of concentration,

 peak detection, and other advanced features.

 6. Using special thermal plotter, data can be printed, spectral scanning, fixed wavelength time scanning, linear regression curve drawing.

 7. With USB interface, direct connection with the PC, and strengthen the instrument test data, scanned maps and other processing

 functions to achieve the test documentation mass storage, but also for the user to provide a convenient secondary development.

 8. Advanced power protection measures, can remember the test data, scanned maps, the regression equation and instrumentation

 correction value, etc., to achieve a fast initialization boot into the test state.


 III.Main Parameters

 1.Wavelength range: 325nm ~ 1100nm

 2. Wavelength maximum permissible error: ± 0.5nm

 3. Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.2nm

 4. Spectral bandwidth: 2nm

 5. Stray light: ≤ 0.05% (T) (at 360nm, determine in NaNO2)

 6. Transmittance range: 0.0% (T) ~ 200.0% (T)

 7. Absorbance range: -0.301 (A) ~ 4.000 (A)

 8. Transmittance maximum permissible error: ± 0.5% (T) (measured in NBS930D)

 9. Drift: ≤ 0.0009A/0.5h (boot after 2h, 500nm )

 10. Transmittance Repeatability: ≤ 0.20% (T)

 11. Baseline flatness: ± 0.002A (335nm ~ 1090nm) only applies to S Series

 12. Noise: 100% (T) Noise ≤ 0.2% (T) 0% (T) Noise ≤ 0.1% (T)

 13. Scan speed: fast, medium and slow

 14. Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

 15. Humidity: ≤ 85%

 16. Optional printer, PC UVWin8 Software

 17. Power supply: AC220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 1Hz

 18. Rated Power: 120W

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