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DSHD-8019B Existent Gum Tester


Product Description

DSHD-8019B Existent Gum Tester
This instrument is designed and made as per standards GB/T 8019-2008 Standard test method for gum content in fuels by jet evaporation and ASTM D381. It can be used to determine the existent gum content of aviation fuels by steam vaporizing medium.
Equipping with an air compressor, this instrument can also be used to determine the existent gum content of aviation gasolines and motor gasolines by air vaporizing medium.

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
1. It equips a specially designed heating bath.The gas circuit is designed reasonably and the effect of
evaporation is good.
2. The material of working bench is stainless steel. It has 3 sample wells. A pressure gauge shows the
flow rate when steam vaporizing medium is used. A ball float type flowmeter shows the flow rate
when air vaporizing medium is used. It can determine 3 samples at a time.
3. The instrument is desktop structure. Simple design and easy to operate.
II. Main technical specifications
SN. Item  Parameter
1 1. Power supply  Power supply
2 2. Test wells  Test wells
3 3. Operating temperature
3.1  Steam bath temperature   Test bath temperature is (232~246)℃, 
 and test well temperature being (229~235)℃ 
3.2  Air bath temperature  Test bath temperature is (160~165)℃,
 and test well temperature being (150~160)℃
4  Temperature control  Automatic
5  Temperature display  Digital
6  Flow display  Pressure gauge shows flow rate when steam vaporizing medium is used.
 Ball float type flowmeter shows flow rate when air vaporizing medium is used.
7  Working pressure of air reducing valve  0.035MPa(for air vaporizing medium).
8  Gas source  Electrical heating steam generator for steam vaporizing medium.
 Air compressure for air vaporizing medium, over (1000±150)ml/s.
9  Overall dimension  640mm×480mm×340mm(Thermometer) 
10  Electrical heating steam generator
10.1 Rated evaporation capacity  13kg/h
10.2 Rated working pressure  0.7Mpa
10.3 Power supply  3 phase, AC380V, 50Hz,9000W
 Note:An air compressure is optional for determining the existent gum content of motor gasolines

 Electric vapor boiler:
   1. Model: LDRO.013-0.7
   2. Rated evaporation rate: 13 kg/h
   3. Rated working pressure: 0.7 MPA
   4. Power supply: AC 380V, 50 Hz; three phases
   5. Total power: 9000 W
 Note: For the details of technical parameters, please refer to the Operation Manual of Vapor Boiler.

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