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DSHG-7X Handheld XRF Soil Analyzer


Product Description

DSHG-7X Handheld XRF Soil Analyzer can do site analysis for various conditions. The function includes site analysis for in situ soil to investigate local environment and apply in soil and water conservation project.The operator can analyze local soil directly or make analysis through sampling first. By site acquisition process and soil sample analysis, you can get the same effect as that in the laboratory. DSHG-7X Handheld XRF Soil Analyzer also can be used to detect filter material, painting material, wood processed by chromated copper arsenate and other various test samples.

Technical Data Sheet

 1.Excitation Source: high performance mini X-ray tube,Ag target

 2.Detector: High performance Si-Pin/SDD detector, Peltier cooling, resolution<160eV

 3.Display: Fixed angle integrated colorful backlight LCD touch screen, size: 4.2",

 resolution: 800*480

 4.Battery: Rechargeable lithium batteries with heat exchanging

 5.Measurable Elements: All elements from Si~U (can change as per to application)

 6.Standard analysis mode: Soil analysis mode

 7.Circuit system: DSP embedded system

 8.Data storage: USB interface, bluetooth, RS-232 data transmission

 9.Safety protection: Password protection

 10.Data input: Touch screen

 11.Standard configuration: Water and shock proof suitcase with password lock, wist strap,

 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, 110/220V AC charger/power adapter, USB data cable,

 software and security lacing.

 12.Analyzable Elements




         Analytical Elements


         DSHG 700


         S, K, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Ba, Cs, Te,


         Sb, Sn, Cd, Ag,  Pd, Zr, Mo, Sr, U, Rb, Th, Pb, Se,  Au, Hg, W


         DSHG 760


         Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn,As,


          Ba, Cs, Te, Sb,Sn, Cd, Ag, Pd, Zr, Mo, Sr, U, Rb, Th, Pb, Se,  Au, Hg, W


 Main Applications and Features

 1.Fast survey and measurement of polluted metal composition,mode and boundary.

 2.Field monitor metal referred in RCRA and priority controlled polluted metal.

 3.Site minimized process hazardous substance in raw soil,infected water,waste water etc,

 and also provide theory basis for deep analysis of pollution control and redress method.

 4.Some diseases caused by environment pollution are relative with heavy metal elements,

 such as cancer (Ni,Cr), nephropathy(As,Pb), hepatopathy(As,Cu), pneumoconiosis(Fe),

 asthma(Ni), Parkinsonism(Mn).

 Environment pollution monitoring and repair is a worldwide rigorous and high cost

 challenge. No matter mathematical modeling and risk evaluation of pollution site, but

 also toxic harmful substance site monitoring and elimination of lead in paint, filed

 acquisition and analysis thousands samples fast and exactly is an essential basic ability.

 But it is a pity that the past laboratory inspection consumes not only lots of time,

 but also big cost. Now, Dshing supplies better solution, that is DSHG series handheld

 XRF spectrometer, which is favored various environment science academy and world other

 main regulators.

 Simplify site pollutant monitoring program

 Just need pull the trigger to do site element fast detection. Because DSHG-7X Handheld

 XRF Environment Analyzer is light and you can use it under any condition and whether,

 then you can detect RCRA metal,main pollutant and goods required to be detected easily.

 DSHG-7X Handheld XRF Soil Analyzer can get reliable analysis data and help you make

 decision in time, while the test cost is much lower than laboratory analysis.


 Damage of heavy metals

 Heavy metal pollution is always caused by heavy metal or the compound, the main human

 factors are mining,exhaust emission,wastewater irrigation and heavy metal products,

 such as minamata disease(Hg) and itai-itai disease(Cd).The damage degree is up to the

 existing density and chemical form of heavy metal in environment,food and living body.

 It mainly displays in water pollution,some others are in atmosphere and solid waste.


 Heavy metals are widely existed in the world with natural concentrate,but with the

 daily increasing mining,smelt,processing and commercial production events, many heavy

 metals like Pd,Hg,Cd,Co enter into atmosphere,water and soil to lead serious pollution.

 The heavy metals existed by various chemical states will persist,accumulate and move

 after entering ecosystem to cause damage. E.g,heavy metal in waste water will accumulate

 in alga and mud,then adsorbed by fish and cowry to produce food chain concentrate and

 cause public hazard.The lead discharged by car exhaust cause the surface lead density

 boosts largely,also the absorbed amount increases 100 times more than primitive man.

 There are many heavy metals like Zn,Cr,Cu,Pd also exist in human body as essential

 elements.But if they exceed normal quantity,then will bring bad effect for environment

 and human.

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