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DSHG40C Gas Detector


Product Description

DSHG40C Gas Detector

G40C Gas Detector adopts Dot matrix display technology, using english user interface, could detect flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbonic oxide at the same time. Customized one or more kinds of gas to detect, the detecting results will be showed on the screen simultaneously, the user could also start to operate it manually at any time. Standard usb interface port is used for charging or upload recording data to PC.
G40C has ability that high sensitivity rapid response, and sound&light alarming system, could inspect gas concentration under complicated environments. It is widely used in fields of chemical engineering, municipal administration, wastewater treatment, telecommunications, archaeology, laboratory, refrigeratory and brewing,etc.,
Product Feartures
★Connected to PC(Optional Function)
★3000 Piece recording data
★Simpe user infterface, big size english operation screen.
★Show Battery Notifier when charging; Forewarning when low battery. 
★ Easy to store alibration result or be calibrated.
★ Could connected to PC to brows recording data.
★ Fastening structure, ABS shell
★ Simpe operation, Ergonomic designed
★ Supporting gas(Oxygen+3 kind of toxic gas, Flammable+3 kind of toxic gas, or 4 kind of toxic gas) 
★ Sound,light,shake alarming
★ Intelligent sensor verify
★Firm structure, simpe maintain

Technical Data Sheet

Technology Parameters
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Dispaly  LCD
2  Sound alarming  >90db.
3  Anti-explosion Mark  EX ib IIB T3 Gb
4  IP Grade  IP65
5  Working Temp.  -20℃~70℃
6  Working Humidity  5-90%RH
7  Dimension  121mm*68mm*32mm 
8  Anti-explosion Certification No.  CNEX14.2619
9  Weight  410g(charger)

Available Customized Gas Detect Sensor 
SN.  Gas Sensor( Customized )  Range  Optional Range  Resolution  Responsive Time
1  Flammable Gas(EX)  0-100%LEL  0-100%VOL(IR)  1%LEL/1%vol  ≤15s
2  Oxygen(O2)  0-30%VOL  0-30%VOL  0.1%vol  ≤15s
3  Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)  0-100PPm  0-50、200、1000PPm  0.1/1PPm  ≤15s
4  Carbon Monoxide(CO)  0-1000PPm  0-500/2000/5000PPm  0.1/1PPm  ≤15s
5  Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2)  0-20PPm  0-50、1000PPm  0.1/1PPm  ≤20s
6  Carbon Dioxide(CO2)  0-5000PPM  0-1%、5%、10%VOL(IR)  1PPM/0.01%VOL  ≤20s
7  Nitric Oxide(NO)  0-250PPm  0-500、1000PPm  1PPm  ≤20s
8  Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)  0-20PPm  0-50、1000PPm  0.1/1PPm  ≤20s
9  Chlorine(CL2)  0-20PPm  0-10、100PPm  0.1PPm  ≤20s
10  Ammonia(NH3)  0-100PPm  0-50、500、1000PPm  0.1/1PPm  ≤20s
11  Hydrogen(H2)  0-100%LEL  0-1000ppm  1%LEL/1ppm  ≤20s
12  Hydrogen Phosphide(PH3)  0-20ppm  0-20、 0-100PPM  0.1PPM  ≤20s
13  Hydrogen Chloride(HCL)  0-20PPm  0-20、50、100PPm  0.01/0.1PPm  ≤20s
14  Chlorine Dioxide(CLO2)  0-50PPM  0-10、100PPm  0.1PPm  ≤20s
15  Hydrogen Cyanide(HCN)  0-50PPM  0-100PPm  0.1/0.01PPm  ≤20s
16  Oxirane(ETO)  0-100PPM  0-100PPm  1PPM/0.1PPM  ≤20s
17  Ozone(O3)  0-10PPm  0-20、100PPm  0.01PPm/0.1PPM  ≤20s
18  Methanal(CH2O)  0-20PPm  0-50、100、PPm  1/0.1PPm  ≤20s
19  Fluorine(F2)  0-10ppm  0-1、10PPm  1PPM/0.1PPM  ≤20s
20  Hydrogen Fluoride(HF)  0-10PPm  0-1、10、50、100PPm  0.01/0.1PPm  ≤20s
21  Xylene(C8H10 )  0-20PPm  0-5、10、50、100PPm  0.01/0.1PPm  ≤20s
22  Methylbenzene(C7H8 )  0-20PPm  0-5、10、50、100PPm  0.01/0.1PPm  ≤20s
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