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DSHJ-79 Rotational Viscometer


Product Description

DSHJ-79 Rotational Viscometer
The instrument is suitable to determine absolute viscosity of Newtonian Liquids and apparent viscosity of Non-Newtonian Liquids. It can be used to determine the viscosity of petroleum oil, resin, paint, ink, sizing agent, cosmetic, cream, medicine, and asphalt, etc. When you determine different liquids, please select different measurement units as per their different viscosities and different test requirements. The instrument has characteristics of small, light, convenient, easy to be maintained, durable and it can determine the viscosity of liquids quickly and reliably.

Technical Data Sheet

Main technical specifications

SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Measurement range  1 mPa·s~1×106mPa·s
2  Measuring accuracy  ±5% (For Newtonian Liquids)
3  Measuring unit  Unit II and Unit III
4  Rotating speed  750 RPM, 75 RPM, 7.5 RPM
5  Power supply  AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz
6  Dimension  170 mm×140 mm×440 mm
7  Weight  15 kg

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