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DSHS-3 NMR Water Detector


Product Description

DSHS-3 NMR Water Detector
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a new geophysical method to find water directly. It applies NUMI system to explore occurrence of aquifers from shallow to deep by changing amplitude and duration of IP currency pulse from small to big. Comparing to traditional geophysical method, it does not need to drill, which is a monitoring without damage. Before that, NUMIS NMR water
detector manufactured by French IRIS was the only commercialized selling NMR water detector in the world. NMR-3 is our new product with high technology, which fills the blank of home and the integrative functions reach international advanced level.
1. Seek underground water about 0~150m directly: the NMR abnormality reflects the exist of underground water, the strength and range reflects water outflow and area.
2. MRS method to distinguish whether there is free water in water-bearing structure.
3. Locate the well combining with abnormity feature in the water range.
4. Distinguish water quality: determine salt water or freshwater by resistivity value.
5. Decide the pollution range and extent of hydrocarbon pollution water by combining IP abnormality feature.
6. Evaluate dyke and underground water moving condition in geological engineering, coast monitor, archaeology etc., detect old mineral and goaf.
7. Underground water estimation, seawater back flowing and underground water dynamic monitoring

Technical Data Sheet

SN.  Item   Parameter
1  Output resonance voltage (V)  4000
2  Max. output currency (A)  450
3  Transmitting frequency (KHz)  0.7-3.7
4  Impulse matrix (A*ms)  100-20000
5  Power capacitance (µF)  0.132
6  Filter band width (Hz)  10-122 programmable
7  Amplifier gain   103-107
8  Background noise (nV/√Hz)  <1
9  Sampling rate  4-20 times Lamor frequency
10  Max. prospecting depth (m)  150

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