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Oil well Inspection Camera 3500M


Product Description

Oil well Inspection Camera 3500M

Dshing is a modern high-tech enterprise, the company specialized R & D and production of underwater television, underground television, and watertight connectors. Underwater television camera monitoring system for marine development and maritime operations and petroleum, and water conservancy departments of the necessary equipment.

Detecting the oil well to make clear the status of wall fracture, dislocation, dropping
objects, water pipe blockage and location of flow sand
Observing the bedrock crack and developmental state, cave size and position in the
bedrock area
Video or the hard disk to store images, printing
Detecting the leak and damage of Casing or oil pipeline,
Detecting scaling or microbial deposition

Technical Parameter
Visual acuity 0.10 metres (related to water quality)
Depending on the Angle of 90 °
Works fixed aperture, fixed focal length (adjustable)
Depth of 3500 meters
Working temperature 20 ℃, + 100 ℃ (including temperature and time)
35 MPa pressure resistance
The probe diameter 75mm, and other specifications can be customized.

Configuration Dimension Remark
Electric winches 115*100*85CM Speed adjustable
Monitor  7-inch color
Probe Φ 75mm 700TVL HD probe
Main exploration Box  220V
Burner  SD card
Go down pulley  Depth count
Wireline 3500M Professional Logging tensile cable
Cable  Power lines, data lines
Centralizer  4
Fitting  Enterprise Standard


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