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S410 NIR Spectrophotometer


Technical Data Sheet




 This instrument is a grating transmission type NIRS, widely and  mainly used for chemical and physical of  liquid samples ,

 suitable for gasoline, beverages, milk and other areas of nutrition, water and other physical and chemical properties for fast

 and nondestructive analysis such as the the detection of octane , oil. sugar cane juice ingredients and milk composition.



 1. Using the grating for full spectrum scanning

 2. Using aspherical optical path, crossed CT monochromator

 3. Imported InGaAs detector

 4. Also can be use with external PC

 5.  Lightweight and convenient for field testing

 6. Adopts CAUNIRS  Software Systems

 7. Company cooperate with the China Agricultural University, provide users with authoritative and professional modeling

 and maintenance services


 III.Instrument performance

 1. Wavelength range: 900 nm ~ 1700 nm

 2. wavelength scanning interval: 1,4,8,16 nm Optional

 3. Wavelength accuracy: ≤ 1nm

 4. Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 1nm

 5. Absorbance repeatability: ≤ 0.002A (1500nm)

 6. SNR: ≥ 103

 7. Scan time: Less than 2 minutes

 8. Detector: InGaAs




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