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TLSY-EG Borehole Inspection Camera System


Product Description

TLSY-EG Borehole Inspection Camera System
1. Main application
TLSY-EG Borehole Inspection Camera is specially suitable for engineering hydrogeology, observations of borehole in the plastid pile in all kinds of anomalies and defects, and the well maintenance and detecting of shaft wall fracture, dislocation, downhole falling objects, filter tube hole plugging, and sand flow location, etc., also suitable for oil field, geological freezing hole, geological prospecting, geotechnical engineering, engineering quality inspection and other related industries.
2. Main characteristics
2.1 The monitor box adopts dc 12 v or 220 v alternating current (ac) as the working power supply, the machine power consumption is only 20 w.
2.2 Automatic brake device for the electric winch, organization structure is compact, light volume appearance, durable.
2.3 Stainless steel camera probe, with great performances of waterproof, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance.
2.4 Stable and reliable: the system is made of high quality components and curing program module, reducing separation device used in great quantities, so as to improve the stability and reliability of the system operation.

3. Component description

3.1 Monitor Box
Engineering Plastics, AC220V or DV 12V input, 7 inches screen.

Monitor Controller of Borehole Inspection Camera

3.2 Winch (integrated with depth counter)
The winch installed in two-wheeled vehicle, is convenient to move, especially on flat ground. It is vogue and practical designed.
Electric-Manual Dual functions Winch: When input AC power source, used as electric mode; When supplied by battery, if the battery was in low level or the inspection time was too long, the battery only supply the power for the monitor, the winch would be used as manual mode.
Holder for the monitor: Stainless steel, detachable, convenience to transport.
Guiding pulley: installed with depth counter, connected to the monitor with a data cable.
Pulley support bar: Scalable,detachable; there is hydraulic rod in the site of connecting point with the winch, to avoid shaking when testing.
Depth counter: accuracy is up to 0.05m; if error arised, could be calibrated.
Zeroed the depth: Zeroed the depth counter before well logging.

TLSY-EG Borehole Inspection Camera System-1

TLSY-EG Borehole Inspection Camera System-3

3.3 Camera

The latest design camera probe. Compact structure, small volume and smart look etc., could not totally tell its advantages.
Rotate smoothly with two group of LED light, large area will be illuminated, the light is more uniform, what’s more, its brightness is adjustable in 5 grades; That means you could view the pictures of the wall of well more clearly.
Small size make it possible to be used in very narrow well, so it has a wider range of purposes and applications.

TLSG Camera Probe for Borehole Inspection Camera System-1

TLSG Camera Probe for Borehole Inspection Camera System-3

TLSG Camera Probe for Borehole Inspection Camera System-4

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