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930N Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


Technical Data Sheet


 930N is a variable wavelength adjustment fluorescence spectrophotometer with an excitation wavelength standard configuration

 for 365nm, emission wavelength range 360-650nm, spectral bandwidth of 12nm, 4-digit LED data display,

 4 keys to complete fluorescence values, extensions, concentration factor setting and concentration operations,

 with RS232 communication port, and equipped with a selected general data processing software package for online operation,

  more convenient for your further calculations and process on the data , saving  time. Also can be use for external serial printer to

  perform data printout ,convenient for data preservation.


 The instrument is widely used in biochemistry, medicine, food, environmental, chemical and other departments for quantitative

 and qualitative analysis, it is the best choice for school laboratory, factory testing.



 1. Emission monochromator uses 1200 lines grating, large aperture aspheric mirrors, particularly high sensitivity.

 2. High brightness, long life LED light source to ensure high stability of the test.

 3. The new design of the sample cell holder, ensure that the test methods diversification.

 4. High performance photomultiplier tube, get the best signal-noise ratio.

 5. Automatic zeroing, automatic background rejection.

 6. Eight periods of  sensitivity adjustment.

 7. Real-time fluorescence values, concentration printing.

 8. Single-point standard concentration direct reading test function.

 9. Equipped with general data processing package, can be multi-point standard linear regression.

 10. Fluorescence wide dynamic range, accurate determination of small changes of the sample.


 III.Technical indicators

 1. Light source: Light source components formed by LED cold light source and interference filters

 2. Standard configuration 365nmLED wavelength excitation light source (factory pre-adjusting the optical path), in the range of 365 ~ 600nm, user can order other components of the excitation light source when purchasing.

 3. Emission monochromator: C-T diffraction grating monochromator (Em 360 ~ 650nm, bandwidth of 12nm)

 4. Emission wavelength error: ± 2nm

 5. Emission wavelength repeatability: ≤ 1nm

 6. Sensitivity: quinine sulfate detection limit is 1 × 10-9 (g / ml)

 7. linear correlation coefficient: ≥ 0.995

 8. Zero line drift: ± 0.3% (10min inside)

 9. Repeatability peak strength: ≤ 1.5%

 10. Power supply: 220V ± 22V 50 ± 1Hz

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