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970CRT/XP Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


Product Description

1.reliable 2.high quality

Technical Data Sheet


 The fluorescence spectrophotometer is domestic advanced fluorescence spectrophotometer. Using current advanced PC

 computer software and hardware, make the instrument has an excellent qualitative and quantitative testing function. The

 instrument is widely used in chemical, drug testing, environmental, petrochemical, medical and health, food and nutrition

 and other occasions determination of  trace analysis.



 1. High sensitive and signal - noise ratio, S / N ratio up to 100 or more.

 2. Adopts light source monitoring technology, measurement results are stable.

 3. Using fast 20 A / D conversion technology, wide dynamic range, good linearity.

 4. Adopts advanced Chinese 95 Windows software technology, excellent data and spectrum  processing functions .

 Easy to operate.

 5. Adopts standard PC as the hardware environment, failure rate is low. High reliability.

 6. Double monochromator system structure.



 1.Configure Windows95 workstations: The workstation used Chinese dialogue window, you can control the host and

 data processingdirectly, with  the mouse button, you can to scan and test, data analysis, tabulating , recording and other operations.

 2.20-bit high-speed A / D converters, large dynamic range, can be quickly and accurately measured small changes of the sample.

 Software features:

 3.Filtering: 1 to 4 derivative, retrieval crest, calculate the peak area, continuous scanning measurement, sample quantitative

 analysis, standard curve (1-3 times), according to the standard curve to test the sample concentration, spectrum save and

 recall, spectrum window processing, automatic determination of S / N ratio.

 4. Printout: Qualitative and quantitative analysis printing, copy screen.


 IV.Host Performance

 1. Light source: 150W xenon lamp

 2. Wavelength range: excitation (EX) 200nm ~ 800nm; Emission (EM) 200nm ~ 800nm

 3. Slit: excitation (EX) 2nm, 5nm, 10nm, 20nm4 file, Emission (EM) 2nm, 5nm, 10nm, 20nm, 30nm, 40nm6 file

 4. Wavelength error: ± 2nm

 5. Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.5nm

 6. Scan speed: express, fast, medium and slow

 7. Time Scan: 60s, 300s, 600s, 900s, 1200s, 1800s 6 file

 8. Sensitivity: 6-grade switching options

 9. Response speed: Distilled water Raman peak: 0 ~ 98% , about 2 seconds

 10. Signal - noise ratio (S / N ratio): Bandwith of excitation and emission at  10nm, distilled water Raman peak S / N ratio

 greater than 100

 11. Zero mode: selectable auto-zero

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