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DSH AAS6000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


Product Description

DSH AAS6000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Good stability, high sensitivity, low LOD and easy operation.
With its years of experience in spectrometer developing and research, the DSH  AAS6000 flame atomic absorption spectrometer becoming one of the our main products. Designed with latest international technology, the instrument can provide customers with modularization, automation and humanlty, more convenient product upgrade, easier instrument operation, more smooth analysis.
I. Technical specification
1.Atomizer: flame atomizer 
2.Wavelength range: 190nm-900nm
3.Monochromator type: Czerny-Turner Type
4.Spectral bandwidth: 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.7/1.4nm, automatically switch
5.Blazed wavelength of grating: 230nm
6.Grating number: 180wires/mm
7.Wavelength accuracy: ±0.25nm
8.Wavelength repeatability: <0.1nm
9.Resolution: >0.3nm
10.Characteristic concentration (Cu): 0.25μg/ml/1%
11.Detection limit (Cu): 0.006μg/ml
12.Precision (Cu): ≤1%
13.Baseline stability: 0.004 Abs ( static state)
                  0.005 Abs ( dynamic state)
II. AAS6000 Performance characteristics:
Total reflection achromatic optical system
Effectively solve the achromatic problem of different focuses of different elements, increasing the efficiency of optical system.
Full automatic design
The instrument is totally monitored and controlled by computer, expect for mainframe power switch.
8-element lamp beacon
When one of the lamps is working, the other seven ones are being preheated at the same time, saving lamp changing and preheating time, the operation is more convenient as a result.
USB2.0 mode
Update the old 232 faucet mode into the latest USB2.0 mode, increase the communication speed, and compatible with the new operation system.
Pure Ti atomization chamber
Anti-erosion of acids and alkalis and a longer working life as a result.
Efficient glass nebulizer of Wu Family, providing you with higher nebulization efficiency and better popularity.
Mass flow controller makes the flow of C2H2 controllable
Making the C2H2 flow adjustable, monitoring the flow dynamically, ensuring it to be convenient and safe.
More safety protection measures, ensuring the reliability of the sample analysis
1.C2H2 leaking preventive measure
2.C2H2 pressure monitoring
3.Air pressure monitoring
4.Explosive-proof monitoring
5.Flaming burning monitoring 
Background correction system
Deuterium lamp background correction: Be able to correct A1 background
Self-absorption background correction: Be able to correct A1 background 
With streamlined appearance using sheetmetal craftwork, it is fashionable and beautiful.
Proprietary intellectual property rights and powerful activity manager
Humanized operation interface makes your operation easy. The interface of the software can be switched automatically between English and Chinese. Full automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis can calculate element contents and generate report automatically. 
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