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DSHD-510Z-3 Automatic Solidifying Point& Pour Point Tester


Product Description

  DSHD-510Z-3 Automatic Solidifying Point& Pour Point Tester
SYD-510Z-3 Automatic Solidifying Point&Pour Point Tester is made as per standards GB/T 510 Standard Test Method for Solidifying Point of Petroleum Products, GB/T3535 Standard Test Method for Pour Point of Petroleum Products. It is an upgraded instrument for SYD-510Z-1 and SYD-510Z-2. It can test the petroleum products both have good flow ability with low viscosity and high pour points, solidifying points and viscosity and. It can be widely used in oil refineries, oil stations and other relevant institutions.

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
1. It adopts high performance SCM technology as the control system. It can do tests and print the result automatically. 
2. Micro-pressure measurement.High sensitivity and reliable result
3. Man-machine dialog menu. English display. 
4. The temperature is controlled from -75℃ to 100℃. The range is wide 
II.Main technical specifications
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Applicable oils  The oils with solidifying point at -55℃~+50℃
2  Temperature range  -75℃~+100℃。
3  Resolution  0.1℃ 
4  Temperature sensor  Imported Pt 100, stainless steel probe. Built-in temperature calibration.
5  Heating mode  Electric heating unit.Maximum power 500 W. Controllable. 
6  Measuring mode  Micro-pressure measurement
7  Cooling system  Imported compressor(cascade refrigeration)
8  Display  5.6 inch colored touch LCD screen.
9  Temperature calibration  Automatic and programmable.
10  Date saving  100 groups of test results
11  Power supply  AC220V, 50Hz,maximum power consumption 1000W
12  Working ambient temperature  10℃~40℃。
13  Storing ambient temperature  0℃~50℃。
14  Dimension  460㎜×360㎜×470㎜
15  Net weight  36kg

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