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DSHJ-4B Automatic Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator


Product Description

DSHJ-4B Automatic Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
The main features
1. The integrated compact titration instrument design, convenient automatic titration systems
A) burette integration valve design, convenient replacement, effectively avoid the mutual interference of different titration using different solution problem
B) automatic identification pH standard liquid group, (the liquid group 1:4. 00 pH, pH 6.86, pH 9.18; the liquid group 2:3. 78 pH, pH 7.00, pH 7.00), at the same time support manual identification
C) support sets the system time, operator number, type of burette, burette coefficient, stirrer speed, manual, such as temperature, as well as the adjustment for potential zero value.
D) remind of titration end point
2. The measurement information in conformity with the GLP standard, the traceability information more complete
A) support the storage of 200 sets of the titration results and 1 set of titration curve
B) support data delete, check, print, or output
C) mode, the types of titration, full records titration titration end time, start time, titration coefficient of the operator, stirring speed, burette type, burette, the concentration of the titrant, sample volume, destination number, as well as the related density
3. The firmware version upgrade function, reduce the cost of your titration, let you more perfect operation
A) through the software upgrade, can connect to the automatic sampler, perfect efficiency
4.Titration instrument control mode: dot-matrix liquid crystal display, keystrokes, computer software in Chinese at the same time control or control respectively
5.Real-time display the relevant test method, titration curve, the measured results
6.A preliminary titration (dynamic titration), the default titration end point of titration, model (random provides two special patterns titration a. HCl and NaOH (0.1 mol/L), b. K2Cr2O7 - Fe2 + (0.1 mol/L).)
7.A blank titration, manual titration, PH measurement and various titration mode, support to generate special titration mode, allows the user to create up to eight kinds of titration mode
8.Has the power to protect function
9. The USB interface, print the RS - 232 interface, form a complete set of random special titration instrument software, through the USB interface can be connected PC, on the computer can be instantly titration curve and its first and second order derivative.
Convenient, edit and modify the titration mode and can be the result of statistics, etc
10.Support to restore factory Settings
Application field
Widely used in food additives, food safety, pharmaceutical production, petrochemical industry, quality control, scientific research institutions and other industries.
Typical application titration
Acid-base titration
Drugs such as amino acids, benzene and thiazide
Oil of total acid, total base number, etc
REDOX titration
Iodine value, peroxide value, vitamin C in food
The chemical oxygen consumption in water treatment of COD
Precipitation titration
Chloride ion titration, Pb2 +
Complexometric titration
Plasma calcium, zinc titration, formaldehyde titration
Non-aqueous titration
Perchloric acid titration
The pH/mV value measurement
H + pH/mV measure
The rest of the ion mV measurements

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Parameters
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Measuring range
1.1  PH  (0.00 ~ 14.00);
1.2  The mV value  (1800.0 ~ 1800.0) mV;
1.3  Temperature  (5.0 ~ 105.0) ℃.

2  Resolution
2.1  PH  0.01 pH;
2.2  The mV value  0.1 mV;
2.3  Temperature  0.1 ℃.

3  Basic error
3.1  PH  + / - 0.01 pH + 1 word;
3.2  The mV value  Plus or minus 0.03% FS.
3.3  Temperature  + / - 0.3 ℃;

4  Tolerance burette capacity

 10 ml burette  + / - 0.025 ml;

 20 ml burette  + / - 0.035 ml.

5  Burette drive resolution  1/20000
6  The repeatability of titration analysis  0.20%
7  The electronic unit repeatability error  0.2 mV or less

ZDJ - 4 b type automatic potentiometric titration
The 232-01 reference electrode
The 213-01 platinum electrode
The 216-01 silver electrode
The 217-01 reference electrode
231-01 type pH glass electrode
T - 818 - B - 6 type electrode temperature
Drip tube (SC5.462.013) (20 ml) with 10 ml, matching
Solution cup (SC8.219.010)
Solution cup (SC8.463.001)
Plunger tools (SC8.227.126)
10 ml burette valve device (SC5.461.044)
Mixing bead (small)
The electrode holder device (SC5.108.022)
Sealing ring (SC8.370.249)
Iv (fluorine plastic) Φ 3.2 x 0.5 (import)
Casing 008 nc32 - YC5U (import)
Taper washers 008 cz32 (import)
Plastic liquid bottles (500 ml)
The fuse Φ 5 x 20 (1 a)
International general power cord
TP - 16 serial printer connection
The USB communication of attachment
Product specification and application example
Product certificate
Thunder software magnetic titration
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