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DSH-50A-5 Lab Moisture Analyzer


Product Description

DSH-50A-5 Lab Moisture Analyzer


I. Feature:
1.The supper high resolution back window matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), marking it easier to operate in thedark place, and the user will have more comfortable vision
2.Touch-tone chain plate makes the operation easier.
3.The high precision heat insulation type sensor makes temperature for data acquisition reliable.
4.The use of halide torch for heating and curing make worming more rapidly and test time shorter.
5.In the process of  test ,the dry state can be directly confirmed to speculate the finish  time.
6.It is equipped with automatic peeling function ,it can measure immediately and cont-inuously, and also measure accurately through the zero drift correction.
7.Installed with RS232 interface inside, the products can be directly connected to com-puter and printers etc.
8.The halogen drying method moisture analyzer can test the free water content of chemical raw materials ,grain, mineral, biological product, food, pharmaceutical 
raw materials, paper, textile raw materials and etc.


Technical Data Sheet

II. Technical parameters
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Weighing range(g)  50
2  Readability  5mg
3  Repeatability(3g samples)  0.3%
4  Minimum sample amount  0.5
5  Advised sample amount  3-10g
6  Heat up time  1-99minutes, 1 minutes interval
7  Temperature program  Standard
8  Terminal control  Timing, Automatic
9  Heating temperature range  50-180 degrees
10  Showing content  Moisture%, Solid%, Weight, Time, Data, etc.
11  Pan size  100mm
12  Overall dimension  265*160*150
13  Net weight  5kg
14  Total weight  6kg
15  Heating source  Halide torch

 Model   DSH-10A DSH-50A-5  DSH-50A-1  DSH-50A-10  DSH-100A-1
 Weighing Range  10g   50g  50g  50g  100g
 Readability  10mg  5mg  1mg  10mg  1mg
 Repeatability(3g samples)  0.50%  0.30%  0.20%  0.50%  0.30%
 Minimum Sample Amount 0.5
 Advised Sample Amount 3-10g
 Heat up time 1-99minutes,1 minutes interval
 Temperature Program Standard
 Terminal Control Timing, Automatic
 Heating Temperature Range 50-180 degrees
 Showing Content Moisture%, Solid%, Weight, Time, Data etc
 Pan Size 100mm
 Dimension 265x160x150
 Net Weight 5kg
 Heating Source Halide Torch

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