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DSHD-0253 Sulfur and Chlorine Analyzer


Product Description

DSHD-0253 Sulfur and Chlorine Analyzer
This instrument uses micro-coulometry technology computer to control the micro-coulomb titration. It’s the newest product, having reliable result, easy to operate, stable performance, easy to install to and so on. It can be used to determine the trace sulfur, chlorine of petro-chemical products. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, and scientific research institutions. Standards: SH/T0253 Petroleum products-Determination of total sulfur content (Coulometry), ASTM D3120, ASTM D3246, SH/T0254, SH/T0222, GB/T 11061.4-2010, GB/T 6324.4-1986, GB/T 12688.6-1990, GB/T 11141-1989, ASTM D5808-03, ASTM D5808-09a,ASTM D5194-06,SY/T7508-1997,SH/T1757-2006,GB/T 18612-2001. GB/T 3208-2009,SH/T 1147-2008
I. Main technical features
1. Micro-coulometry technology. PC equipped. Windows OS.Easy to operate.
2. Oxidation style. It determines the sulfur or chlorine in petrochemicals as per Faraday's Law.
3. Wide application scope and good adaptation. It can be used to determine the sulfur or chlorine in liquid, gas or solid materials.
4. Self-developed operation and test software. It will complete the data collecting, processing, saving and printing automatically. 
5. It needs less sample. Only 10μl for each test. The testing time is short. Only 1-2 minutes for each sample. 

Technical Data Sheet

II. Main technical specifications
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Bias voltage range  0 ~ 500mv
2  Measuring range

2.1  S  0.05 ~10000 ng/µl
2.2  Cl  0.2~10000 ng/µl
3  Air source requirements  Industrial nitrogen(99.9%), industrial oxygen(99.9%)
4  Measuring accuracy:

Sample concentration (ng/µl) Inject Volume(µl) RSD (%)

0.2 10 30

1 10 10

100 5 3

1000 5 2
5  Temp control  Ambient to 1000℃,  ±1℃
6  Power supply  AC 220V±22V,50HZ±0.5HZ; power consumption 3.5KW 
7  Dimension  700mm×480mm×540mm (PC is not included)
8  Net weight  46Kg

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