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Underground Water Borehole Camera 300M


Product Description

Underground Water Borehole Camera 300M

Main box:  Aluminum alloy host, 220 v / 24 v input
Winch:  Electric winch
Display:  12 inches high brightness LED display
Video system:  SD card video
Rotating probe:  Circle rotate 360 degrees, over 180 degrees
Panoramic probe:  HD low illumination 6 mm wide Angle camera
Depth counter:  Accurate to 0.05 m depth
Logging cable:  6 core socket pull, a length of 300 meters
Centralizer:   High elastic centralizer stainless steel
Kit:  Connection cables and accessories
Aluminum alloy main box
Input voltage:  220 v
Interface: depth connection depth sensors
Probe interface:  connect the probe, video transmission and power supply
Data interface:  can write well, well depth can calibration
Video systems:  8 g SD card video system, the largest support 32 gb
Prior to zero:  depth logging depth to zero, in order to count accurately
Display:  12 inch highlight LED display, outdoor visual
Extensions:  video acquisition extension interface

Electric winch: 220 v power input, the available electric mode; When the battery power supply, if the battery is low or log for a long time, only to power a master control box, the winch to switch to manual mode
Master carton tray: stainless steel tray, removable, easy to transport
Well under the pulley: well under the pulley with depth counting function, need to master control box use cable connection
Pulley support bar: scalable pulley support bar, removable, and winch junction is equipped with hydraulic rod, prevent the support bar shook logging
Depth depth counting functions: accurate to 0.05 meters, if appear error, depth can be calibrated
Video system: SD card video system, the maximum support 32 gb
Depth to zero: zero prior to logging depth, in order to count accurately

Rotary camera
Camera size:  90 mm Φ
Camera material:  stainless steel 304
Camera lens material:  explosion-proof optical glass
Camera pixels CMOS camera, 1200 line
Lens Angle:  circle turn 360 °, the level of 180 °
Camera lights:  front 18 highlight patch lamp bead, rear 16 strong LED light source lamp beads
A brightness control:  can be adjusted by button on the main box front light source brightness, dimming level 5
15 mpa probe pressure:  pressure, maximum pressure depth of up to 1500 meters

Panoramic probe
Camera size: 70 mm Φ
Camera:  split type iron galvanized probe, convenient disassembly
The camera lens:  the counter-attack light wear resin
Camera pixels:  CCD camera, 700 line
Lns Angle:  130 - degree wide Angle
Camera lights:  equipped with nine high brightness LED cold light source
15 mpa probe pressure:  pressure, maximum pressure depth of up to 1500 meters

12 inches of liquid crystal display:  291 x 251 x 48 mm
Aspect ratio 4: 3
Contrast:  500:1
Brightness:  1000 CD / ㎡
Resolution:  1024 x 768
Power:  DC 12 v
Color system:  PAL/NTSC/SECAM

Logging cable
Wire material: modification of polypropylene
Pull: 280 kg
Putside diameter: 8.2 mm
Heat-resistant: 70 degrees

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