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ATEM-4 Transient Electromagnetic Prospector


Product Description

main function: 1. Search geothermal resources, oil-gas field census and exploration in high-resistance covering area (like carbonate rock, igneous rock and frozen soil covering area), etc. 2:Detect various metal and non-metal ores, underground water, underground water-filling karsts and steep dip geological formation; 3. Especially applied in coal bed and coal goaf area and water-filling area detection; 2. Main advantages: 1.Advanced interpretation software system: include half-space interpretation software system for ground work and full-space interpretation software system for underground work (coal mine tunnel, tunnel, military affairs etc.) 2:Industrial PC as main controller and Windows as control panel, with high automatization degree;   3: Receiver has super low noise preamplifier; you can choose proper stacking times at random to guarantee measurement accuracy and wide dynamic; 4:The power supply working method is Big currency small coil, and it first realizes 200A big currency continuous square-wave power supply in the world; 5: The display is reflective LCD, the power consumption is extremely low, so we can use it in the sunshine, especially applicable in field open-air environment; 6. Use large capacity electronic disk as memory instead of hard-disk to make sure the security of equipment even in field strong vibration transportation; 7. Multiple anti-jam technology to make detect and explanation result more accurate;

Technical Data Sheet


 3. Main technical parameters:

 1.Whole domain data acquisition, sampling rate is changeable: 1μs, 4μs, 16μs
 2.16 bits, 1M/S, A/D converter adds real time floating-point amplify, dynamic range: 140dB
 3. Max. sampling delay time range: 64ms
 4. Resolution: 0.1μV
 5. Memory: 256M
 6. Hard disk: 40G
 7. Interface: USB, parallel port, serial port, network card
 8. Display: Colorful high brightness TFT 800*600 lattice


 1. Currency intensity (A): 25, 50, 100, 200
 2. Currency pulse width (ms):10, 20, 40
 3. Weight (kg): 2

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