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DSHZ400 Gravimeter


Product Description

DSHZ400 is designed for measurement of relative changes in gravity with zero reading. The sensor of DSHZ400 is made of quartz with build-in temperature compensating device.The instrument can be widely used in geological and mineral survey including reconnaissance survey, detailed survey and regional gravitational measurement and so on.

Technical Data Sheet



         Reading Accuracy


         ±0.01 (mGal)


         Observational Accuracy


         ε≤±0.03 (mGal)




         0-3999.9 (div)


         Counter Constant


         0.09-0.11 (mGal/div)




         >5000 (mGal)


         Beam Sensitivity


         1.6-2.0 (mGal)




         ≤±0.1 (mGal/h)


         Counter Linearity






         4.5 Kg






         Total Weight



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