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DSHK-2A Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System


Product Description

Main function: High resolution engineering geological exploration like factory foundations, highways, bridges, railways, civil engineering, hydrology, engineering, environmental. high-resolution research, tomography and monitoring applications. Coal mining gobs, caves of Custer area, geological disasters survey like landslides other geological disasters. landslides and other geological disaster exploration. Metal and non-metallic mineral resources exploration and geothermal exploration. System Composition One DSHZ-6A multi-functional DC resistivity instrument as the survey and control unit in the system, equipped with a DSHK-2A type 60-channel or 120-channel multiplex electrode switch manufactured by our factory, and cables, electrodes and other related accessories, together to form the resistivity imaging system. Main advantages : Easy for Operation: adopting all-digital automatic measurement,execute automatic compensation for spontaneous potential, drift and electrode polarization. By adopting large screen LCD display in Chinese characters, more than fourteen types of wiring working mode can be directly displayed in high-density measurement mode; in DSHD-6A stand-alone mode, nine types of electrode arranging methods can be directly displayed; meanwhile, real-time curve display can be realized during working. Multiple function in one machine: having four functions including long lead IP instrument, 2D high density resistivity meter, 2D high-density IP instrument, and medium-power short lead transmitter. Extra-large Storage: In high-density mode, store the measured data at 120,000 measuring points; in DSHD-6A stand-alone mode, the instrument can store the measured data at 4,800 measuring points; there are 22 digits at each measuring points, provided with RS-232 serial interface, and the stored data can be transferred to the computer by appropriate software to launch digital interpretation for various methods.

Technical Data Sheet

 Measuring unit ( DSHD-6A)

 · Measuring Current Accuracy: (at Ip>10mA)±5%, ±1 digit; (at Ip<10mA) ±1% ±Letter

 · Measuring Voltage Accuracy: (at Vp>10mV)±5%, ±1 digit; (at Vp<10mV)±1%, ±1 digit

 · Maximum Measuring Voltage: -6000mV~+6000mV

 · Measuring Voltage Resolution: 0.01 mV

 · Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency: 80dB

 · Measuring Current: 0~5000 mA

 · Measuring Current Resolution: 0.01 mA

 · Input Impedance ≥50 MΩ

 · Measured Apparent Polarizability Accuracy: ±1%, ±1 digit

 · Maximum Power Supply Voltage 900V

 · Maximum Power Supply Current: 5A

 · Power Supply Pulse Width: 1~60 sec.

 · Weight: 8 kg

 · Volume: 305×200×202mm

 DSHK-2A Multiplex Electrode Converter

 · Operating Mode: 16-key keypad with 90 character LCD display combines to form man-machine dialogue operation.

 · Sopported manual configuration: Wenner, Schlumberger 1, Schlumberger 2, Dipole-Dipole, Combined Profiles, Differential, Pole-Pole, Triple-Pole Rolling,

 · Conversion Electrodes: 60 channels or 120 channels

 · Maximum Allowable Current: 2A

 · Maximum Withstand Voltage: 500V DC

 · Insulating Property: 500MΩ

 · Electroshock Break-over Resistance: smaller than 0.1Ω

 · Power Consumption: 50 mA (Standby)

 · Power Supply: 1# Dry Cell (or rechargeable battery with the same specification) 8 pcs.

 · Working Temperature: -10℃~ +50℃, 95%Rh

 · Weight: 7 kg (60 channels), 7.5kg (120 channels)

 · Volume: 305×200×202mm (60 channels), 324×200×245mm (120 channels)


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