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JJC-1EG Concrete Bored Pile Detecting System (IPC)


Product Description

JJC-1EG Concrete Bored Pile Detecting System (IPC)

This system mainly used to test the pore forming quality of bored pile in engineering constructions such as buildings, bridges, cross-sea bridges, railroads, elevated roads and other great constructions. With the development of model JJC-1A、JJC-1B、JJC-1C、JJC-1D, it’s measuring precision is more accurate and operation is more simple. It is composed  of JJC-1E control case, JJY-6 caliper/inclinometer measuring probe. JNC-2 sediment/inclinometer measuring probe, JC-100 automatic cabling winch and well-head pulley.

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
1. The measuring probes are fully digital. 
2. The measuring probes are full stainless-steel materials.
3. An automatic cabling winch is equipped.
4. Caliper/inclinometer measuring probe becomes one. Also the sediment /inclinometer measuring probe becomes one. It is more practical in use.
5. The caliper logging bias is within 5mm.
6. The core of the system is IPC. No need to equip a PC. Easy to operate and good in anti-interference.
7. WIN XP/WIN VISTA/WIN 7 are suitable for operation software.
II. Main technical specifications
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Borehole measuring range  Ф500mm~Ф1600mm(Ф2000mm、Ф2500mm can be customized)
2  Borehole measuring precision  ±5mm
3  Verticality measuring range  0°~10°, measuring precision ≤±0.1°. Resistivity measuring precision≤5%
4  Sediment measurement  Diameter of probe is Ф40mm;Distance between electrodes:20mm±0.5mm.
5  Winch
5.1  Length of cable  100m(The length can be customized)
5.2  Tensile force of cable  ≥0.35t(The tear-out force is 0.65t)
5.3  Cabling speed  10m/min
5.4  Net weight of the winch  50kg
5.5  Power of motor  500W
5.6  Dimension  600mm×450mm×350mm. Hand-cranking height is 600mm.
5.7   Cabling mode  Automatic
6  Working temperature
6.1  Measuring probe  0℃~50℃
6.2  Units on the ground  -10℃~45℃
7  Relative humidity  <85%
8  Power supply  AC(220V±10%), 50Hz

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