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DSHD-261 Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Manual economic model.
  • Range: 40~300℃
  • Standards: ASTM D93, GB/T 261

Product Description

This instrument is designed and manufactured as per standards GB/T 261-2008 Determination of Flash Point - Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Method and ASTM D93 Standard Test Method for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester. It is used to make determination of the closed cup flash point of the petroleum products.

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
1. This instrument is designed as per GB/T261 and ASTM D93.
2. The heating power is continuously adjustable. The power is shown visually by voltmeter.The temperature control mode is advanced and reasonable.
3. The structure is designed small and exquisite.The stainless-steel table board is beautiful and easy to clean.
4. Operation is easy.Test results are precise.It has been chosen as the instrument to test the closed cup flash point by many metering and detecting institutes.
II. Main technical specifications
1  Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;
2  Heating device
2.1  Furnace power  is; itsis  600 W made of SiC materials
2.2  Heating power adjustable range  0 W600W
3  Sample temperature rising rate  1℃~12 per minute, manually controlled
4  Electric stirring device
4.1  Stirring motor  45TYZ Motor
4.2  Driving device  By a soft shaft
4.3  Stirring blade specification  8 mm×40 mm
5  Stirring speed As per the requirement of GB/T261-2008
5.1  Procedure A;  90 RPM120 RPM
5.2  Procedure B;  250±10 RPM
6  Standard oil cup  As per the requirement of GB/T261-2008
6.1  Inner diameter  50.7 mm50.8 mm
6.2  Depth  55.7 mm56.0 mm
6.3  Depth of marked line in the oil cup  33.9 mm34.3 mm
6.4  Oil sample cubage  About 70 ml
7  Flame application device
7.1  Gas source  Coal gas (or other civilian combustible gas)
7.2  Aperture of flame application device  0.8 mm
8  Thermometer  Rod type Mercury Thermometer, as per GB/T261-2008
8.1   Temperature range  -5℃~110, Each scale division is 0.5 
8.2  Temperature range  Temperature range: 20℃~150, Each scale division is 1.0 
8.3  Temperature range  90℃~370, Each scale division is 2 
9  Ambient temperature  ≤35
10  Relative humidity  ≤85
11  Total power consumption  Not more than 650 W

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