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DSHD-2801E1 Asphalt Penetrometer


Product Description

DSHD-2801E1 Penetrometer

Product introduction:
1:DSHD-2801E1 Penetrometer is designed and developed as per the National Standard GB/T4509 “Test Methods for Needle Penetration of Petroleum Asphalt”, and T0604 “Asphalt Needle Penetration Test” in the Industry Standard JTJ052 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering.
2:DSHD-2801E1 Penetrometer is mainly used to determine needle penetration of petroleum asphalt, modified asphalt, liquid petroleum asphalt and residues after evaporation of emulsified asphalt.


Technical Data Sheet

Technical characteristics and performance:
1. DSHD-2801E1 Penetrometer integrates new design concepts on penetrometer all over the world and is advanced, beautiful, and delicate;
2. The newly designed up and down assembly have coarse adjustment and fine adjustment, so the instrument can be adjusted directly.
3.DSHD-2801E1 Penetrometer adopts a newly designed heating structure. The heating and temperature measurement devices can be separated from the constant temperature bath, so the instrument is simply to be operated.
4. Equipped with automatic temperature controller and a high precision temperature sensor, so the instrument can conveniently set controlling temperature and is with high temperature controlling accuracy.
Technical parameters

SN. Item  Parameter
1 Measurement range  range  0~600 penetration
2 Minimum scale division  1 penetration
3 Display mode  By a digital dial indicator of 0.01                     
4 Temperature controlling mode  By a digital temperature controller
5 Temperature controlling accuracy  25±0.1°C (Ambient temperature should not be higher than 20 °C)
6 Heating power  200 W
7 Constant temperature bath  Made of harden glass
8 Timing selection  5 s or 60 s
9 Timing error  Less than ±0.1 s
10 Standard needle  2.5±0.05g; as per GB/T4509

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