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DSHD-2801G Penetrometer (For Paraffin Wax)


Product Description

DSHD-2801G Penetrometer is designed and developed as per the requirements about penetrometer and the accessories stipulated in the National Standard GB/T 4985 "Test Methods for Needle Penetration of Wax".

Technical Data Sheet

 Main Features:
1. The needle penetration of wax is expressed as the depth that a standard needle of 100 g vertically penetrates into a wax sample without any measurable friction in 5 s at 25 ℃.
2. The test temperature for wax penetration is 25 ℃ in general.
3. Each wax penetration is 0.1 mm.The instrument is directly shown on display.

Technical parameters:

SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Measuring range  (0~600) penetration
2  Timing control  5s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 30s, 60s can be selected. The bias is within ±0.1s.
3  Resolution  0.01mm
4  Penetration precision  ±1 penetration
5  Heating power  200W
6  Temperature control precision  (25±0.1)℃(Note:ambient temperature shall not over 20℃)
7  Temperature control mode  High accuracy digital temperature controller
8  Constant temperature bath  Hard glass bath
9  Stirring  Automatically stirred by magnetic stirrer
10  Standard needle  (2.5±0.05)g
11  Needle holder  It can be adjusted roughly and finely without measurable frication
 to make the needle aim the sample conveniently.
12  Power supply  AC(220±10%)V,50Hz,maximum power ≤300W
13  Dimension  280mm×350mm×700mm
14 14.Others  Equipped with cold light source. Easy to operate

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