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DSHD-2806G Automatic Asphalt Softening Point Tester


Product Description

DSHD-2806G Automatic Asphalt Softening Point Tester

I. Purpose and scope
The instrument is designed and made as per the national standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T4507 “Standard Test Method for Softening Point of Asphalt” and T0606 “Asphalt Softening Point Test (Ring and Ball Methods)” in the Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China. It is suitable to determine the softening point of highway asphalt, coal pitch, liquid asphalt and other types of asphalt, etc. It is the best choice of asphalt manufacture companies, highway and bridge construction companies, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes.
It adopts computer for controlling, electron photo-electricity for measurement, LCD for indication and Micro-printer for printing test data. It also has the characteristics of linear heating temperature, even stirring speed and it can make test for two samples at the same time and determine softening point of samples automatically. It is automatic, convenient and reliable, so it is an intelligent instrument for measuring softening point of asphalt sample.



Technical Data Sheet

II. Main technical specification and parameters

SN.  Item  Parameter
1  ower supply  AC 220V (-5%~+10%), 50 Hz;
2  Measurement range
2.1  Softening point under 80 ℃  You can take distilled water as heating medium : +5 ℃~+80 ℃
2.2  Softening point of which is over 80 ℃  You should take glycerin as heating medium. +32 ℃~+160 ℃
3  Temperature resolution  0.01 ℃
4  Stirrer  The stirring speed can be adjusted continuously.
5  Heating rate  It will be adjusted to 5.0±0.5 ℃/ min automatically after three minutes
6  Test result  Test result: It uses the LCD to show it and the printer to print it.
7  Heating power  600 W
8  Computer communication interface  RS232C communication interface
9  Cubage of beaker  1000 ml
10  Ambient temperature  The temperature should be less than 35 ℃ and keep stable. 
 There should not have any air draft.
11  Relative humidity  ≤85%
12  Total power consumption  ≤700W

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