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DSHD-3146 Benzene Products Distillation Tester


Product Description

Brief description:    The instrument is designed according the National Standard GB/T3146 "Test Methods for Distillation Characteristics of Benzene". What its main function is to determine distillation characteristics of benzene.

Technical Data Sheet


 Technical characteristics

 1. Heating power of electric furnace for distillation is 1000 W; Equipped with a up and down device; Heating power can be continuously adjusted; heating power is shown by a ampere meter;

 2. The types, specifications and sizes of distillation flask and refrigeration device are in accord with GB/T3146.

 3. Desktop structure; simple design, convenient installation, and complete accessories, you can make distillation determination for benzene products immediately when you get the instruments.

 Technical parameters

 1. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

 2. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz;

 3. Distilling tube with one bulb: as per GB/T 3146;

 4. Ambient temperature: -10~+35°C;

 5. Total power consumption: not more than 1100 W;

 6. Heating system: heating power of electric furnace is 1000 W and heating rate can be continuously adjusted.

 7. Distillation flask: made of harden glass; it can endure a temperature of more than 500 °C;

 8. Thermometer: Each one for 70~90°C, 100~120°C, and 125~150°C; scale divisions of them are 0.1 °C; they are used to determine benzene, toluene, and xylene.

 9. Refrigeration device: its total length is 8000 mm and covered with water cooling tube of 4500 mm. It is also equipped with a bending tube and a reducing graduated flask.


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