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DSHD-6536D Automatic Distillation Apparatus


Product Description

DSHD-6536D Automatic Distillation Apparatus 
This instrument is designed and made as per standards GB/T 6536, GB/T 7534,ASTM D 86, ASTM D 850, ASTM D 1078. It is used to determine the distillation characteristics of motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, distillate fuel, naphtha, and some solvents which have special boiling points. It is a new instrument which is advanced and easy-operated. High cost performance. 

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
1. Built-in microcomputer. Advanced IPC technology. 12.1 inch light-touch LCD. Man-machine dialog. Easy to operate.
2. Intelligent SCM control. The heating, cooling, distillate liquid level tracking, distillation rate control, recovered solution control, temperature recording, printing are all completed automatically.
3. It displays the vapor temperature curve, heater temperature curve and distillation rate curve in real time. Operator can judge whether the indications can meet the standards’ requirements or not in real time. 
4. Imported compressor and temperature sensor. Automatic liquid level tracking system. The test result are reliable and in good repeatability.
5. The suitable standards and distillation procedures can be added as per customer’s need and different oil samples. 
6. It has an automatic barometric pressure detecting function. The barometric correction can be completed automatically. The test result will not be influenced by the  barometric pressure difference.
7. It can calculate the vapor temperature by inputting the residue amount after the test.
8. There is anti-freezing solution in the cold bath. A circulation stirrer is equipped inside. The liquid level sensor and overflow pipe will make the water leve in the bath normally. 
9. It equips an automatic fire-extinguishing device to make the test safe.
II. Main technical specifications
SN. Item  Parameter
1  Temperature range of bath  (0~60)℃
2  Temperature control precision of bath  ±0.5℃
3  Temperature range of receiving chamber  (0~60)℃
4  Temperature control precision of receiving chamber  ±1℃
5  Distillation heater  1000W, 24V
6  Distillate liquid detection (0~100)mL,resolution 0.01mL
7  Distillate liquid detection precision  ≤0.1mL
8  Power supply  AC(220±10%) V, 50Hz
9  Maximum power consumption  2500W
10  Working environment  Ambient temp.(10~35)℃;RH≤80%
11  Dimension  500㎜×530㎜×660㎜
12  Net weight  85kg

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