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DSHD-0324 Steel Mesh Oil Separator For Lubricating Oil


Product Description

I.  Product standard:   The instrument is designed accord the industry standard of People's Republic of China SH/T 0324 Test method for steel mesh oil separation of lubricating grease (static method). It applies to determine the oil separating tendency of lubricating grease when raising the temperature. Its operation steps are put 10g of sample into a steel mesh.Under the static condition 100℃±1℃, determine the mass percent of oil flowing out via steel mesh after 30h.

Technical Data Sheet


 II. Main technical specifications and parameters
    1. Flask:high type, no mouth,200ml  

 2. Cover:Joint tightly with flask. There is a hook at center of cover bottom.

 3. Stainless steel mesh: 60 mesh(55696 holes/dm3,diameter of steel wire is 0.19㎜,hole pitch is 0.28㎜),with metal wire handle.

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