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DSHD-XY150 Rotatory Compactor

  • Model: DSHD-XY150

Product Description

DSHD-XY150 Rotatory Compactor
1:DSHD-XY150 Rotatory Compactor is according to requirements of SUPERPAVE specification of FHWA. Its compaction degree meets requirements of AASHTO R35 and AASHTO PP35-98.The instrument is to simulate actual road material volume and property. 
2:DSHD-XY150 Rotatory Compactor is a shaping machine to make cylindrical test sample of hot-mix bituminous mixture by kneading methods under a constant pressure, at a fixed compaction angle, and a fixed compaction speed.

Technical Data Sheet

Technical parameters

SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Pressure range  (100~1000)kPa, continuously adjustable
2  Rotation times
2.1  Foreward(as per setted compaction angle)  (0~1000)times
2.2  Reversed(compaction angle is 0°)  (0~500)times
3  Range of gyrate compaction angle  0.5°~2.0°, increase as every 0.01°,
 (Calibrated at 1.16°±0.02° internal angle when leaving factory)
4  Accuracy of gyrate compaction angle  <0.01°
5  Movement range for compactor  (0~250)mm
6  Movement accuracy for compactor  <0.01mm
7  Rotation speed  (30±0.5)RPM
8  Rated speed of motor  1800RPM
9  Overall Height  1900mm
10  Dimension
10.1  Main unit (Push rod is included)  940mm×890×mm×2140m
10.2  Mould ejector (Handle is not included)  355.6mm×304.8mm×800mm
11  Net weight   370kg
12  Gross weight  410kg


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