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DSHD-F02 Automatic Mixture Blender


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1:DSHD-F02 Automatic Mixture Blender is designed and developed as per the Industry Standard JTJ052-2000 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. 2: DSHD-F02 Automatic Mixture Blender is used to make sample of asphalt-sand mixture or cement-sand mixture. 3: DSHD-F02 Automatic Mixture Blender is widely used in the laboratories of scientific research institutes, construction companies and supervision departments. Technical parameters: 1. Blending cubage: the maximum is 20 L; 2. Temperature controlling range in heating container: room temperature--200℃; 3. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±5 ℃, automatic temperature control; 4. Stirring blade speed: (1) Revolution speed: 48 RPM; (2) Rotation speed: 76 RPM; 5. Power supply: (1) Motor: 380 V, 16 A, 50 Hz; (2) Temperature controlling and heating: AC 220 V, 50 Hz, 4 kW;
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