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DSH-760CRT Double-beam Ultraviolet-visible Spectrophotometer


Technical Data Sheet


 DSH-760CRT double-beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer adopts the advanced technology from Shimadzu companies,

 based on the introduction of automatic recording spectrophotometer software and based on Windows98 platform,

 user-friendly, beautiful, simple operation, the printer can print out the graphic unity analysis reports,

 and the spectral data or test data transfer Execl processing, can be affixed to Word maps published,

  the instrument has a wavelength scan, time scan, quantitative analysis, given wavelength testing, multi-wavelength

  testing and other functions, excellent performance , suitable for use in medicine, pharmacy,

 biochemistry, environmental protection, chemical industry and other routine laboratory analysis and research needs.


 II.Main features

 1. Adopts holographic blazed grating, double-beam CT-type optical structure,

  high resolution, low stray light, high photometric accuracy, stability and good performance.

 2. Microcomputer control, automatic recording, the printer can print out on paper in a recording spectra,

  the test data and operating parameters.

 3. Light automatic conversion (can be set between 294nm ~ 364nm)

 4. Highly functional spectrum of processing capabilities.


 III.Software features

 1. Big information storage capacity, convenient to save.

 2. Mapping software provides four channels temporary storage map, can be covered and overlapping transmittance,

 absorbance, logarithmic, and energy absorption spectrum scanning, transmittance and absorbance spectra can easily interchange .

 3. Atlas peak detection, zoom easily.

 4. Time scan could do kinetics .

 5. Provide a quantitative analysis of the concentration of linear regression method, the method provides a method

 of undetermined coefficients and coefficients input method of curve fitting and outlier removed, 2λ and 3λ determination,

 3λ provides automatic wavelength setting and offers 10 groups wavelength data for the user to choose.

 6. Software provides a given wavelength and multi-wavelength test, and the test data annotation, multiple users on the same sample test provides a convenient, multi-wavelength test can be carried out up to 20 points wavelengths tested.

 7. Can be easily stored pattern parameter settings for the instrument current test conditions.

 8. The printer can print parameters and mapping, print parameters, data and working curve.


 IV.Technical indicators

 1. High photometric mode: dual-beam CT-type optical structure, holographic blazed grating spectrometer a photomultiplier tube detector.

 2. Wavelength range: 190nm ~ 900nm

 3. Resolution: better than 0.15nm

 4. Spectral bandwidth: 0.08nm ~ 5nm continuously adjustable spacing 0.01nm

 5. Wavelength maximum error: ± 0.3nm (built-in automatic wavelength calibration device)

 6. Wavelength repeatability: 0.2nm

 7. Stray light: ≤ 0.08% (T) (with NaI solution 220nm)

 8. Transmittance maximum error: ± 0.3% T (determination in NBS930D)

 9. Transmittance repeatability: 0.2% (T)

 10. Scan speed: fast, medium and slow

 11. Stability: ≤ ± 0.004A/30min

 12. Noise: ± 0.3% (100% ) ± 0.1% (0% )

 13. Power supply: AC220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz

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