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DSHB133 Portable Octane Number Tester


Product Description

DSHB133 Portable Octane Number Tester
DSHB133 is a new generation detector for octane measurement, with international advanced theory, it can measure the oil’s octane precise value rapidly, store large amount of data; and all the results are printable. The interface is user-friendly. Its sensors adopt full-sealed design with alloying metal. With longer standby-cyclic charging battery, it applies in operation site, outdoor and lab. 
B:Main Features
1. DSHB133 can measure both of gasoline’s octane value ;
2. Rapid and precise measurement, user-friendly operation, larger screen with Chinese /English language, EL background light make it’s easier under dark environment, /English Chinese menu is also available;
3. Tree years quality guarantee for circuit board: we promise for free replacement within three years for any non-artificial quality problems. The sensors adopt full-sealed design with alloying metal. External cover has high strength, shock resistance and water/dust/moisture proof performance. As well as sponge inside.
4. Upper and lower limits pre-setting are available, the monitor will display when it’s over the limit, which is convenient for the users.
5. Auto-off function can save energy and realize low power consumption. There are 4 reliable batteries for recycling charging.
C:Measurement Theory
The theory of octane detector is based on the measurement of insulate-magnetic permeability and feature of electro-magnetic induction. By detecting the dielectric medium of oil and comparing with the data model, the detector can measure out the value of octane. The precise sensors can measure out parameters fluctuation of the tiny mediums, then get the result of octane and cetane.

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Parameters
NO.  Parameters Description  Value
1  The measurement unit of octane is ON (adjustable as users needed)  20-120
2  Permissible error of octane, per unit (max)  ±0.5
3  Fluctuate range of octane, per unit (max)  ±0.2
4  Measurement duration (second)  <20
5  Critical value for battery when voltage is too low, V  2.5
6  Monitor,mm(L*W*H)  224*106*40
7  Sensor,mm  60*100
8  Weight, Kg (max)  5
9  Operation duration (unit: hour) 15
10  Display  LED screen, printable result
11  Power consumption  30ma

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