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DSHD - 0059A lubricating oil evaporation loss tester


Product Description

DSHD - 0059A lubricating oil evaporation loss tester
 (Noack g A method)

The instrument is in according to made as standard NB/SH/T 0059-0059 as well as ASTM D5800 the act of oil evaporation loss determination of Noah, the requirements of the test method for A specified in design and manufacturing, is suitable for the determination of lubricating oil (especially in internal combustion engine oil) and lube base oil evaporation loss at 250 ℃.

A, the main technical characteristics
1, use a metal bath heating device, safe environmental protection.
2, imported precision differential gauge and precision needle valve pressure regulation system, to ensure accurate test pressure.
3, bath body join wood alloy, with excellent heat transfer performance.
4, evaporation of crucible is conform to the requirements of the NB/SH/T 0059 standard, and conform to the requirements of the ASTM standard;
5, equipped with specialized vacuum suction system, built-in buffer gas bottle, the suction process is stable and reliable.
6, adopting digital timer record test time, setting is convenient, accurate timing.
7, temperature controller with high precision and high power solid state relay, accurate temperature control, high precision.


B, the main technical parameters and indicators
1, the working power supply: AC (220 + / - 10%) V, 50 hz.
2, the temperature control methods: digital PID temperature control.
3, temperature control: room temperature to 250 ℃, the temperature control
precision of + / - 0.1 ℃.
4, heating mode: metal bath heating.
5, pressure regulation: frequency converter regulation.
6, suction mode: vacuum pump.
7, differential pressure measurement: imported precision differential gauge.
8, environment temperature: 30 ℃ or less.
9, relative humidity: 85% or less.
10, the whole machine power consumption: no greater than 1600 w.
11, appearance size: host (temperature control heating part) : 360 x 280x 415 ㎜
(length x width x height and contains no thermometer, etc.);
Auxiliaries (regulated suction part) : 400 x 360 x 410 ㎜
(length x width x height).


Technical Data Sheet

II. Main technical specifications
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Working power supply  AC (220 + / - 10%) V, 50 hz
2  Temperature control methods  Digital PID temperature control
3  Temperature control  Room temperature to 250 ℃, the temperature control precision of + / - 0.1 ℃
4  Heating mode  Metal bath heating
5  Pressure regulation  Frequency converter regulation
6  Suction mode  Vacuum pump
7  Differential pressure measurement  Imported precision differential gauge
8  Environment temperature  30 ℃ or less
9  Relative humidity  85% or less
10  the whole machine power consumption  No greater than 1600 w
11  Appearance size
11.1  Host (temperature control heating part)  360 x 280x 415 ㎜
11.2  Auxiliaries (regulated suction part)   400 x 360 x 410 ㎜

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