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DSHY2101-I Automatic oxidation stability tester of petroleum (induction period method)


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A: Applied standards: GB/T 8018, ASTM D525 B: Application range: DSHY2101-I Automatic oxidation stability tester of petroleum can be used for determination of oxidation stability of petroleum under accelerated oxidation, to evaluate the possibility of colloid generation during oxidation of petroleum products. C: Function Features — 8"color touch screen computer with beautiful interface and easy operation method — Patented metal bath structure for replacement of traditional water bath; no vibration, no noise and no     need for fluid replacement during the test — Patented bomb auxiliary heating device to ensure uniform temperature field of bomb, which can improve the    repeatability and accuracy of the test result — Automatic process of heat preservation, nitrogen inflation and deflation, leak determination,test data record,    real-time curve drawing of test data, inflexion determination and test ending — Calibration device of precision pressure meter is equipped for correction of system pressure at any time — Key components like electromagnetic valve and pressure sensor are all imported and highly reliable — Over heating protection; the instrument will cut off the power automatically when the temperature     exceeds certain temperature — The design of bomb disassembly device facilitate the operation — 6 test results can be stored and each result contains 96-hour data of 2 elastic bodies — The instrument can work 96 hours continuously without breakdown — RS232 port for connection with LIMS system of the chemical laboratory D: Technical Specification — Power supply: 220±10% VAC, 50±1Hz — Power: ≤1200W — Dimension: 310mm (width) * 600mm (depth) *350mm (height) — Weight: 45Kg — Environment temperature: 5~35℃; 20-90% RH without condensation (35℃) — Heat preservation point: 100.0±0.1℃ — Testing time: <96 hours — Pressure sensor: 0~1.6MPa; accuracy: 0.1% — Precision pressure meter: 0~1.6MPa; 0.25 class
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