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DSHK-1017 Precision Adsorption Column Cleanser


Product Description

DSHK-1017 Precision adsorption column cleanser is domestic precedent. Its main use is to clean and dry the precision adsorption column without taking-down. It can protect precise adsorption column from damaged, for the majority of hydrocarbon measuring device used.

Technical Data Sheet

 1.  Reasonable cleaning structure, easy operation, pressure value is evident.
 2.  The process of washing and drying is fast, and work efficiency is improved.
 3.  Powerful cleaning results are obvious, don’t damage the precise adsorption column.

 Technical parameters
 1. Pressure: 0.1MPa
 2. Power: 120W
 3. Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
 4.  Ambient temperature: 20~30℃   Humidity≤85%

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