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DSHD-0657 Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Analyzer

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, coal, food, environment and other fields.

Product Description

DSHD-0657 Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Analyzer
This instrument is designed and made as per industrial standard SH/T 0657-2007Standard test method for trace nitrogen in liquid petroleum hydrocarbons by syringe/inlet oxidative combustion and chemiluminescence detection. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, coal, food, environment and other fields. Standards: SH/T 0657-1998,ASTM D4629-2010,SH/T 0704-2001,ASTM D5762 -2010, ASTM D6069-2001,GB/T 17674-1999. 
I. Main technical features
1.High sensitivity
The TN-3000 determine the total nitrogen content by chemiluminescence,improves the ability of anti-jamming, to avoid complicated operation of titration pool and factors of instability which used Coulometry. So the sensitivity of the instrument is greatly improved. The key components of the system use imported components and makes the machine has a reliable guarantee.
2.Easy to operate
Based on Windows ( 7 , XP , Me, 98 ) Chinese user interface to make the operation more convenient and fast.. You only need to click the mouse, and it can complete all of the parameter settings. The data collecting, processing, storage and printing controlled by computer.
3.System configuration
Standard configuration:Printer+Computer+TN-3000+Liquid injector
Other optional parts:Solid injector、Gas injector

Technical Data Sheet

IIMain technical specifications
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Sample types  Solid, gas and liquid
2  Determination method  Chemiluminescence(N)
3  Sample injection quantity  Solid:1-20mg; Liquid:5-20μL; Gas:1-5mL
4  Measuring range  0.1 ~50000mg/L(High concentration should be diluted)
5  Measuring time  Aout 2 min
6  Measuring accuracy

Concentration values (ppm) Injection quantity(μL) RSD(%)

0.2 20 25

5 10 10

50 10 5

100 10 3

5000 10 3
7  Temperature range  Ambient to 1150℃
8  Temperature control precision  ±1℃
9  Air supply requirement  High purity argon:above 99.9% ;
 High purity oxygen:above 99.9%

10  Power supply  AC220V±22V,50Hz±0.5Hz,1500 W
11  Dimension:Host  Host:305(W)×460(D)×440(H)mm;
 Temp controller:550(W)×460(D)×440(H)mm

12  Net weight  Host:20kg; Temp controller:40kg

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