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DSHY2102-I Gasoline Octane Number Tester


Product Description

A: Applied standards: GB/T503, GB/T5483, ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700 B: Application range:     DSHY2102-I Gasoline Octane Number Tester is used for measuring gasoline antiknock performance of vehicle and Siaero-engine.     DSHY2102-I Gasoline Octane Number Tester applies to enterprises that give preference to test sample in compression ratio method and customer who has little test sample source, plentiful quantity and longer continuous operating period, for example, large-scale refinery, large-scale oil product deep-processing and sales company. Test result reaches and precedes precision index regulated in Standards. C: Function Features: — Computer touch screen with simple operation and visual result display — Build-in operating curve of program may achieve test result directly without need on sheet reference and manual calculation — Reflect knocking reading via digital knocking meter visually — Via adopting automatic atmospheric pressure compensation technology,it avoids fussy process such as sheet reference and calculation — Automatically select and simply switch between these two standard test methods of research method and  motor method — Automatic and inching compression ratio adjusting mode with protection of limit switch — Configured with engine oil preheating device,of which heating time is shorter than 30 minutes — Monitor internal operating pressure state of engine via negative pressure meter — Sensitive,long-service-life magnetostrictive knocking sensor — Large-capability test data memory and remote printing function — Safety caution and maintenance period presentation

Technical Data Sheet

 D:Technical specification:

 — Range of measurement:  50~100 octane numbers

 — Range of compression ratio:  4:1~12:1

 — Inner diameter of cylinder:  65mm

 — Piston stroke:  100mm

 — Rotate speed of engine:   900±9r/min (MON)

                          600±6r/min (RON)

 — Power: 8000W

 — Operation voltage:  380±10% VAC,50±1Hz

                     220±10% VAC,50±1Hz



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