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DSHD-706 Self-ignition Point Tester


Product Description

 DSHD-706 Self-ignition Point Tester

This instrument is designed and made as per standards DL/T706-99、IEC79-4:95. It is used to determine the lowest temperature of fire resistant oil and other special oils when burning in a flask.

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
High precision AI temperature controller. The heating is uniform. Good accuracy. Three-point temperature detection: center of bottom, center on side wall and top.

II. Main technical specifications

SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Temperature range  Ambient to 800℃
2  Temperature control accuracy  Temperature difference ≤1℃ among the three points: 
 center of bottom, center on side wall and top of flask. 
3  Conical flask  200 ml
4  Ambient temperature  Room temperature~50℃
5  Relative humidity  <80%
6  Power supply  AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz
7  Maximum power consumption  2000W
8  Dimension  540mm×310mm×270mm

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