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DSHD-8018D Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester (Induction Period Method)


Product Description

DSHD-8018D Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester
(Induction Period Method)
The instrument is designed and made as per national standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T8018-87 Gasoline - Determination of oxidation stability - Induction period method. It is suitable to determine the oxidation stability of gasoline. It can also be used to do determination as per ASTM D525 Standard Test Method for Oxidation Stability of Gasoline (Induction Period Method)

Technical Data Sheet

I. Main technical features
1. Desktop structure. High precision and automation.
2. It uses USB port to communicate with PC. Easy to operate. 
3. Metal bath. No pollution. No need to adding water. 
4. Well designed heat preservation system. It can save energy as well as prevent operator from  scalding. 
5. The bomb assembly is uni-body design.It shorts the pressure testing pipe and make the pressure determination more accurate. It also guarantee the bomb being well sealed to make the test result more reliable.  
6. All parameters will be shown on PC during determination. The curves of pressure in these two bombs will also be drawn in real time. The test result is clear at a glance.
II. Main technical specifications
SN.  Item  Parameter
1  Power supply  AC220V±5%,50Hz
2  Heating power  1600W,the actual power is automatically controlled by computer
3  Measuring range of oxygen bomb pressure transmitter  (0~1600)kPa, accuracy:±2
4  Temperature control point of metal bath  100.0℃±1℃
5  Thermometer  Mercury-in glass thermometer, can correct coefficient as need.
6  Ambient temperature  ≤30℃
7  Relative humidity  ≤85%

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