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DSHK-2029 Free Alkali And Free Organic Acid Tester Of Lubricating Grease


Product Description

DSHK-2029 Free alkali and free organic acid tester of lubricating grease adopts “SH/T0329 measurement of lubricating grease’s free alkali and free organic acid” testing method’s requirement, suitable for testing content of free alkali and free organic acid of the bodying alkali metal and Alkaline earth metal soap.

Technical Data Sheet

 1. The instrument is equipped with magnetic stirring device, eliminate testing shake.
 2. Low noise of the magnetic stirring, big torsion, quick stirring rate, Continuous adjustable.
 3. Solid state voltage regulator step less regulating, no open fire during all heating process. Safe and reliable
 4. Voltmeter got clear display, precise heating rate, and good heat preservation.
 5. Easy to control the instrument’s titration, convenient to record.
 6. Easy to operate, got decent and beautiful appearance

 Technical specifications
 1. Flask: 250ml
 2. Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50HZ
 3. Microburet: 2ml, division value: 0.02ml
 4. Regulation display: AC voltmeter:0~250V
 5. Stirring rate: 0~2000 r/min
 6. Power: heating power: 0~300W (continuous adjustable)
 7. Reverse allihn condenser: 300mm
 8. Ambient requirement: temperature: 15°C ~ 30°C; humidity≤85% 9. Temperature controlling method: Solid voltage regulator step less voltage regulation

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