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FP6410 Flame Photometer


Product Description

1. high stability 2. high accuracy

Technical Data Sheet



 The product is deigned in accordance with the basic principles of the emission spectrum , widely used in agricultural fertilizers, soil analysis, cement, ceramics and other industries and silicate industry analysis and determination, as well as medical and health pathology


 II.Product Features

 1. K, Na can be tested simultaneously , it also can test the lithium element

 2. LCD display, digital direct reading.

 3. Using menu-driven keyboard.

 4. With function of automatic calculation of the correlation coefficient .

 5. With optional size of the flame function and automatic flame-out protection device .

 6. With data printing devices.

 7. With computer online devices.

 8. Gas:Liquefied petroleum gas


 III.The main technical indicators

 1. Stability:

 Conduct 7 consecutive independent measurements for one standard solution,the relative standard deviation: ≤ 3%

 Measured each minute, a total of six times , determination relative maximum variation ≤ 15%

 2. Repeatability:

 Repeat the same standard solution 7 consecutive independent measurements ≤ 3%

 3. Linearity error:

 K: ≤ 0.005mmol / L (0.0100 ~ 0.0800) mmol / L

 Na: ≤ 0.03mmol / L (0.0500 ~ 0.400) mmol / L

 4. Detection limit:

 K: The detection limit ≤ 0.004mmol / L; Na: detection limit ≤ 0.008mmol / L

 5. Response time: Response time <8S

 6. Suction jet of samples:  <6mL/min


 7. Complete Set: one host, one air compressor

 Normal working conditions:

 Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

 Relative humidity: ≤ 85%

 The instrument should be placed horizontally on table with no vibration, avoid direct exposuring to bright light, keep away from  strong electromagnetic interference, no strong airstream.

 Power supply: 220 ± 22V, frequency: 50HZ ± 1 HZ, with good ground connection.

 Rated power: 250W


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