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GA3202 Graphite Furnace


Product Description

1.simple 2.convenient 3.reliable 4.easy to operate

Technical Data Sheet


 GA3202 graphite furnace control system is designed for graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to make the

 quantitative analysis substance of the of trace elements, is an important accessory for atomic absorption spectrometer .


 1. This product updates the original monolithic control system, with photoelectric rapid heating temperature control

 function, can external data station and displays the temperature and the absorption curve.

 2. LCD backlight character graphics display. Menu operation, the setted temperature,parameters and curves can be

  remembered ,  needn't to adjust again at next test (without batteries).

 3. The simplified wiring conduit through furnace to connect to atomizer conversion device , which greatly provide the

  convenience for graphite furnace installation and commissioning, and can achieve the quick switching betwenn flame

  method and graphite furnace method .

 4. The system uses pneumatic closed structure, to ensure constant pressure, reliable contact and offers protection and

 argon pressure monitoring for  overheating, over-current, over-power .

 III.Technical indicators

 1. Temperature range: 20 ℃ ~ 3000 ℃

 2. Light control temperature range: 1500 ℃ ~ 3000 ℃

 3. Heating rate: 3000 ℃ / S

 4. Graphite furnace characteristic quantities: Cu ≤ 1 × 10-10g Cd ≤ 1 × 10-12g

 5. Precision: Cu ≤ 14% Cd ≤ 5%

 6. Detection Limit: Cu ≤ 2 × 10-12g

 7. Power supply: 220V, ± 22V 50Hz ± 1Hz

 8. Analytical precision is better than national standards.

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