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GC102AF Gas Chromatograph


Product Description

1.high quality 2.high accuracy

Technical Data Sheet


 1. Microcomputer temperature control with high precision (better than ± 0.1 ℃).

 2.All control and application parameters, including operation parameters of the detector, can be set up through

  keyboard. Functions, such as self-diagnosis, switch-off protection, document storage and transaction,

 limit temperature setup thermal trip valve setup, and FID auto-ignition are incorporated inside of the instrument.

 3. Large-screen LCD, informative and intuitive, can accurately and clearly display the temperature control setup values,

 actual values, TCD working electricity supply, sensitivity of FID magnifier, and etc.

 4. The instrument support packed column i.e. Optional instantaneous vaporization injection, gas injection and

  gas injection valve, 0.53mm diameter capillary direct injector.

 5. Open-end computer systems with optional RS-232 interface connect with the F-2000 gas

  chromatograph workstation to double directional communication and control data processing.

 6. Large capacity column (330mm * 280mm * 270mm) to facilitate the installation of large diameter packed

    column or capillary column.


 II.Technical indicators

 1.Temperature control:

 Temperature zone: Column box, sampler, detector

 Temperature range: room temperature on 15 ℃ ~ 399 ℃ (increments by 1 ℃)

 Temperature accuracy: less than ± 0.1 ℃ (measured at 200 ℃ )

 2. Flame ionization detector (FID)

 Detection limit: MFID ≤ 1 × 10-10g / s (Sample: C16)

 Baseline drift: ≤ 2 × 10-12A / h


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