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DSHX-600 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Model: DSHX-600

Product Description

Technical Features Deuterium lamp background correction system.Selection in double lamp and lamps auto conversion device.Auto-wavelength scanning setting, auto-lamp current, auto-voltage and     auto-regulation of energy.Flame monitoring protection system.Titanium alloy burner-head,C-T type of optical line design, 270mm focal length. High intensity plastic spray chamber with high efficiency, high    temperature-resistant,corrosion-resistant.Can be equipped with hydride generator.

Technical Data Sheet

 Technical Specification
 Wavelength: 190-860nm
 Wavelength accuracy: better than 0.1nm
 Wavelength reproducibility: better than 0.1nm
 Resolution: better than 0.3nm
 Background correction capacity: >30times
 Detection limit: <0.008μg/ml(Cu)
 Sensitivity: <0.03μg/ml(Cu)

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