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DSH-721G/721G-100/722G Visible Spectrophotometer


Technical Data Sheet


 The product with  microprocessor control technology, in the visible spectral region of the material for the qualitative and

 quantitative analysis, is essential multipurpose general lab analytical instruments, used in medical, clinical examination,

 biochemical, petrochemical, environmental protection , quality control and tertiary teaching laboratories and other departments.



 1. LCD display with backlight, reading easily.

 2. Adopts advanced CT-type holographic blazed grating monochromator with a high accuracy of wavelength , good color, and low stray light.

 3. Adopts computer measurement system, TA conversion of high precision, and automatic adjustment 0% (T) and adjust 100% (T),

     the concentration of direct reading, concentration factor setting, and select the serial data printer for data printing capabilities.

 4. High accuracy in reading, reproducibility and stability.

 5. Optional printer.

 6. UVWin7 software package (sold separately).

 7.721G-100 spectrophotometer features:

 With 721G type, the main difference for the test sample chamber widened 10cm cuvette available exclusively for Sugar,

  power plants, water plants, chemical and other measuring low levels of solution.


 III.The main technical indicators

 1. Wavelength range: 340nm ~ 1000nm (721G/721G-100) 325nm ~ 1000nm (722G)

 2. Wavelength Maximum error: ± 2nm

 3. Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 1nm

 4. Transmittance wavelength error: ± 0.5% (T)

 5. Transmittance Repeatability: ≤ 0.2% (T)

 6. Spectral Bandwidth: 5nm

 7. Stray light: ≤ 0.5% (T) (at 360nm, in  determination NaNO2

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