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DSH-752N Visible Spectrophotometer


Product Description

1.easy to operate 2.high accuracy

Technical Data Sheet


 This product uses the microprocessor control technology, for material in the area of the uv-vis spectrum

  for qualitative and quantitative analysis, is essential utility routine laboratory analysis instruments.



 1. Using advanced holographic blazed grating monochromator with a high accuracy of wavelength , good color, and low stray light.

 2. Large screen with backlit LCD display,easy to view the measurement data .

 3. Adopts microcomputer measurement system, T-A conversion of high precision, with automatic adjustment 0% T and tune 100% T, concentration factor setting, direct reading of concentration.

 4. Readings with high accuracy , good reproducibility and stability.

 5. Optional serial printer and used in conjunction with software UVWin7 to expand use of the instrument .

 6. UVWin7 package (sold separately).


 III.The main technical parameters

 1. wavelength range: 200nm ~ 1000nm

 2. Wavelength maximum permissible error: ± 2nm

 3. Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 1nm

 4. Transmittance maximum permissible error: ± 0.5% (T) (measured in NBS930D)

 5. Transmittance repeatability: ≤ 0.2% (T)

 6. Spectral bandwidth: 4nm

 7. Stray light: ≤ 0.3% (T) (at 220nm, measure in  NaI , , measured with in NaNO2 at 360nm)

 8. Stability: Dark current drift: 0.2% (T) / 3min light current drift: 0.5% (T) / 3min

 Size and weight: 500mm × 350mm × 190mm 14kg

 9. Power supply: AC220V ± 22V/50Hz ± 1Hz

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